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Hello there and thank you for visiting my portfolio! Check out some of my projects.
- Suwan

I am a software developer currently working at Idoona, working to create an application to help make the future more sustainable for generations to come. I have had the opportunity here to work with a new technology stack expanding my skills:

  • Initial SDL planning including MVP and tech stack selection.
  • Working with a nonSQL database using MongoDB Atlas.
  • Working with Chakra UI and Zustand in the frontend.
  • Integration and adaptation of Payload CMS in Express backend.

Although I did not take a straight path to becoming a developer, during the last year I took my web development skills to the next level by learning industry standard technologies including core languages, libraries, and tools by attending App Academy's 24-week, 960 hour Full-Stack Software Engineering program developing the following skills:

  • Learned/used JavaScript, Python, React, Redux, Flask, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, along with many other industry standard technologies.
  • Built several full-stack projects including Star Yelp using functional React/Redux and JavaScript for the front-end, a Python-Flask server for the back-end, and a PostgreSQL database.
  • Using developer best practices such as SCRUM methodologies and git for version control within very quick turnaround times.
  • Working efficiently solo or in a team and within a set time-frame to successfully complete given tasks.

After completing the bootcamp, to continually improve myself as a developer, I worked on more side projects using the same tech stack to get more comfortable with it. While always learning new technologies and keeping myself up to date.

Thank you again for visiting. Check out some of my projects.


Star Yelp

Star Yelp, a Yelp clone, is a business/service review website for users to share their listing information with other site users and also provide feedback in the form of reviews and ratings for listings posted by other users, all in the expansive world of the video game "Star Citizen". Users have the ability to edit and delete their listings after posting and they can also edit and delete their reviews/ratings. With Star Yelp, say goodbye to wasting precious quantum fuel jumping around the 'verse to meet your best needs, check the reviews and save time and energy!

    Key Features
  • Create new users and have user login with authorization
  • Once logged in, view all listings & reviews across the site posted by all users
  • Post new listings then edit and delete them later if required
  • Post new reviews & ratings on other listings then edit and delete them later if required
  • Github Repo

Travel Bucket

Travel Bucket, a Wanderlog clone, is a travel planning website for users to customize their own trip based on destination and available dates. Users are also able to add, edit, and delete any places/events to visit during the day; able to add, delete any notes for the trip; and share the trip with other users. Make vacation planning a lot more useful and fun!

    Key Features
  • Create new users and have user login with authorization
  • Post, edit, and delete trips & events associated with the trip
  • Share the trip with other users
  • Post, and delete notes within a trip
  • Github Repo

Cosmic Hunt

Cosmic Hunt is a clone of Product Hunt where sci-fi interstellar products and technologies can be found. Products range from all the fan favorite sci-fi movies and shows. It is also a place for productive discussions about all the listed products on the website.

    Key Features
  • Authenticated users can post Products
  • Authorized users can edit/update and delete their own Products
  • Users can post Reviews on Products
  • Users can edit/update and delete their own Reviews
  • Github Repo


ScriptAI is a chat app that uses OpenAI's DaVinci 3.0 to respond to queries by the user.

    Key Features
  • Fast frontend loading using Vite app and vercel hosting
  • OpenAI API connection using DaVinci 3.0
  • Github Repo

Land of Buddha Wellness Center

Land of Buddha Wellness Center holds regular events including teachings, meditation, instruction and ceremony with the intent of improving quality of life for visitors through Buddhist science and by extension improvement of the community and the world. This Wix powered website is dynamic and full featured.

    Key Features
  • Authenticated users can choose to subscribe to the Center
  • Authorized users can book sessions, classes, event tickets and Hall Rentals
  • Subscribed members have discounted rates and other perks for their membership
  • Google calendar integration for easy scheduling and component display
  • Private sessions can be booked with teachers within their specified working hours
  • Site wide search and payment processing by Wix

Working Women Journalist Nepal

Working Women Journalist Nepal is a non-governmental, apolitical organization of women journalists working in different form of media. It was established in 2006 with the mission to create a common platform to advocate for issues related to women journalists. This static website serves as the official website for WWJ Nepal.

    Key Features
  • Modern Styling using google site elements
  • Google docs, maps and forms integration

Dark Water Privateers

Dark Water Privateers is the offical website for an organization in a video game. It contains organization info for other players to view and apply. A full stack application for org memebers to track each other's in-game assets is currently in progress.

    Planned Features (MVP)
  • Logged-in users can select and add ships they own to their profile from a list
  • Authorized users can edit/update and delete ships in their own profile
  • All logged in users are greeted with a dashboard showing list of org members, clicking on a user reveals ships they have added to their profile

Gora (Live Site Offline)

Gora is a full stack horror knowledge sharing application for horror entertainment enthusiasts. Users can satiate their morbid curiosity by asking questions and getting responses from fellow fans of nightmarish media! From the monochrome terror of the classic Nosferatu to the self-aware scares of modern hits like Scream, there's something here for all followers of fearful fun. The application is made with a Pug HTML template engine and backed by a Postgres database.

    Key Features
  • Create new users and have user login with authorization
  • Create, edit & delete questions, answers on questions, and comments on answers
  • Search for questions, answers, and comments
  • Filter through content via user profile

Lyber (Work in progress)

Lyber is a full stack ridesharing app for users to input their exact pickup and drop off locations, then find a ride to their destination by getting matched with a nearby driver. Users can view the total cost of the ride, and also go into their profile to see previous rides they have taken through the application. Work on current features is in progress and more features are planned for the future.

    Key Features
  • Create new users and have user login with authorization
  • Add pick-up and drop-off locations through google places API
  • Match a closeby driver using Geocode and navigation Google cloud services (WIP)
  • Calculate total cost of ride and simulate it (WIP)
  • Github Repo

ArcShooter (Work in progress)

ArcShooter lets players control a spaceship. The main objective of the game is to survive by not colliding with obstacles for as long as possible. More features such as the ability to shoot down enemy ships and enemy ships firing back at the player are currently a work in progress. Further game loops are also planned for future implementations. It is built entirely using pygame in python.

    Key Features
  • Players can boost the spaceship vertically to avoid obstacles and hold elevation
  • Players only have a limited amount of boost and need to let go of controls to charge it back up
  • Distance travelled by players is printed on screen and high score is saved
  • Players are greeted with a starting screen and the game can be restarted when finished
  • Players can fire to shoot down enemy targets that are firing back at the player (WIP)
  • Github Repo


  • Frontend development with JavaScript using standard and emerging technologies such as React, Redux,, Chakra UI, Zustand, Vite, Bootstrap, Tailwind, HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Backend development using JavaScript, Python, Express, Flask, sequelize, SQLAlchemy, postgreSQL, mongoDB.
  • Freelance Website design using appropriate technologies for individual customer usecase.
  • Graphic design using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. Media creation using Adobe Premiere & After Effects.
  • Experience using multiple Operating systems & included standard products on Windows, MAC & Linux.
  • CPU assembly and hardware management including new hardware installment and debugging.
  • Small business management in Retail, Transportation & Food service industries.
  • Music composition & vocal skills with multiple bands & numerous live shows.



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